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MAI with a long and brilliant history in commercial and technical affairs with the aim of providing the best industrial automation equipment solutions, supplying all parts of the cnc, as well as the satisfaction of craftsmen with their technical activities as one of the leading and most successful units in the field of control Industry offers the highest quality and safety of our customers in the following areas:
-Seller and installer of all industrial automation products Invt, Simence, Delta
-Content seller and installer of 2 to 8 Axis TEX COMPUTERE Italy, MACH3, DSP, PROMAX
-Seller and installer of spindle such as HSD Engines and TECHNO ITALY, HERTZ, CC MOTOR
– Seller and installer of CNC controller Radonix
– OPKON Turkey Rulers
-Seller and installer of Autonics , Leadshin, CW
– Software and hardware training for HMI, PLC, inverter, servo motor, industrial and private networks from beginner to advanced.
– Implementation of industrial projects and overhaul of CNC machines
-Installation and consulting of industrial automation systems

Needs assessment, supply, and installation of automation equipment and instrumentation, and presence in optimization projects of existing electronic systems in the industry to increase productivity and create added value, expand professional relationships with customers and pay attention to their desired values. It is considered as the main goal (MAI).

At present, the MAI Company has been the official seller of such companies as DELTA Taiwan, INVT China,  TEX CMOUTERE Italy, PROMAX Italy, HSD Italy, OPKON TURKEY, AUTONICS Korea, TECHNO ITALY and with a combination of quality and price, Provides comprehensive and optimal solutions to engineers
10 years of continuous presence in the field of industrial automation, supply of parts, technical services and implementation of large projects
An overhaul of all kinds of CNC gold machines with Radionix controllers, MACH3, Promax;
Launching lines of several textile factories;
Manufacture of all kinds of electrical panels;
Automation of different swimming pools;
Construction and commissioning of a variety of cranes and elevators using Delta and Invt drives;
And …

MAI is a trusted, and reliable partner for activists, engineers, and industrial investors. An efficient, talented and mature sales person and experienced technical staff in providing strong technical services and sales based on the need for competency-seekers. It operates in a dynamic and rich environment.
In line with better customer service, PLC, HMI software, and Delta, inverters and servo drives are available for various applications in line with MAI activities.
company Services :
• Supply of industrial automation equipment
• Engineering sales and technical consulting services
• Project implementation, from design stage to equipment installation
• Practical and training in various fields of industrial automation

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